Friday, November 21, 2008

XP's Offline Files...

Ever have problems with XP's offline file functionality? I know I have. It always seems to take forever, it's slow to decide when you're offline (making apps lock 'till you're offline), it's slow to realize you're back online (I always ended up just forcing a sync), and it doesn't play nice with 3rd party VPNs. Regarding that last note, I use OpenVPN ( ; It's been a while since I looked, but there may be some configuration options you can use to call a local batch file on connecting/disconnecting where you can then call 'mobsync' with some command line options, but..... That's just too much hassle ;)

Instead, I've been liking a 3rd party product for syncing my data. It's called GoodSync. I set up a few jobs -- one for each separate location, and tell each to run at startup and every 2 hours. Seems to do the job quite nicely.



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